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Project Description

This is a .NET library that make it easy to post, edit and delete your blog articles in Blogger when you want to handle your blogs with .NET (C#, VB, F#...etc) code.

Table of Contents

  • What is This Like?
  • How to Start to Use Most Easily (preparing...)
  • One of Useful Examples (preparing...)
  • Documentation Outline (preparing...)

What is This Like?

When you use this library, the typical code would become like the following. It is a code to post a simple article to Blogger.

using SimonPG.BloggerAccess; // [A]

class Program {

    static void Main(string[] args) {

        // sec: Get a blog

        var root = AccessRoot.Login("Your User Name", "Your Password"); // [B]
        var blog = root.GetBlogs().First(); // [C]

        // sec: Create a new article

        var article = blog.CreateArticle(); // [D]
        article.Title = "[Test] Sample Title"; // [E]
        article.Content = "<p>Sample <b>Content</b></p>"; // [F]
        article.PostOrUpdate(); // [G]

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